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Peter Holt


We are always looking for talented, hardworking associates to join our team. We offer a unique opportunity that allows for part time or full time work remotely at your own schedule. Once approved as a authorized designer you can work under our name utilizing company resources to make your project the most successful they can be. 


Remote work:
      Work remotely on your own schedule, no need to report to an office or firm on a daily basis, only when needed or convenient. 

Project Investments:
      Eligibility to receive project start up capital to bid on project and to create work materials needed to impress clients and build your book of business. 

      As one of our independent designers you have the freedom to work without the hassle of worrying about overhead and routine business expenses. As part of our team we will offer support resources to help with things like insurance*, corporate filings, tax processing, marketing, web management just to name a few.  

      maintaining trade account status can be difficult and having buying power can be even more challenging. Join our team and you gain access to our existing relationships with manufacturers, designers and brands from all over the world.

Short Term Contracts*:  
      Contracts as short as 1 year are available. We want you to succeed with or without us! Of course we hate to lose talent, but we want people to be as successful as they can be. with contracts as short as 1 year, you can spread your wings if you would like and your clients are your clients. Just do
n’t forget about us when you’re rich and famous. 
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